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The Plant Genetic Engineering Laboratory is engaged in active research programs in cell and molecular biology as well as applied biotechnology.

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About Agricultural Biotechnology


Feeding the world is not going to be easy in the near future. We are running out of arable land, native forests are being destroyed at an alarming rate and current agricultural practices are causing irreparable harm to the environment. There is an urgent need to produce better, more efficient and environmentally safe crops, and for that we will need to combine all the knowledge and technology available to us. Agricultural biotechnology is not a magic wand to solve all our problems but it is an extremely important tool that needs to be exploited if we want to guarantee a future for humans in earth.


Unfortunately, a lot of misinformation has been publicized about GM crops based on philosophical beliefs but completely lacking scientific proof. Check out what some independent scientific and governmental organizations have to say about GM crops and agricultural biotechnology by following the links bellow. European Union, United Nations, Australian Academy of Sciences, American Society of Plant Biologists, CSIRO, Oxford University. Find out the facts and decide for yourself.

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